Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Skylanders Massive Crossover

Our friend Andy Robertson had a chance to sit down with Nigel Clarke and talk all about Skylanders. If you weren't convinced before all you have to do is see the huge smile on Nigel's face as he plays the latest Skylanders game. Check it out:

The great thing about the massive crossover where video games and toy makers collaborate is that kids can play their favorite video game for a while and then take their game play offline and let their imagination lead the way.

As a parent when I saw that a video game also had toys that could be purchased to go along with the game my first thought was "UGH" just another way to spend money. But in this case these little toys really do add to the game experience and they can end up saving a parent in the long run. The big expense is the game itself and so when a kid gets tired of a particular game they move on to another high priced game. With Skylanders they can add on a little toy or two (or three or four) and keep the interest going in that one game. It is a great way to maximize their game play experience and stay with one game for a longer time.

Happy Crossover Holidays!

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