Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Is Destiny right for your family?

Our friends at family gamer TV have reviewed the new game Destiny. They have concluded that it is, as the ESRB rating suggests, an M rated game.  There is a T rated version but to me that is a blur. The lowest age FGTV sited the youngest age of 14 being appropriate. It is not as violent as Call of Duty (the aliens shoot out alien blood not red blood when they die but there are other humans in the game when playing a multiplayer game).

So, is this game right for your family?

Watch the FGTV review and if you still aren't sure then do the following:

1. Check the ESRB rating / info on this game
2. Talk with your kids about their reasons for wanting to play this game (it is by the same people who created HALO)
3. do a Google search on the game and read some of the other reviews.

Finally, and this is the MOST important step, play the game with your kid. If there are any parts of the game that make you squirm then that is a great opportunity for you to talk to your kids about your family values and what makes you uncomfortable. But you can't have this conversation as a Parent / Child - these conversations only happen from a parent gamer / young adult gamer setting.

Go to our facebook page and chime in. Are you going to be playing Destiny? If not why.

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