Thursday, February 20, 2014

A video game, A storybook, and a quiet moment

If you listen to the national media you would think that the world of video games is loud, violent, intellectually dulling, and detrimental to our youth.  If you only listened to the national media you may even think that the reason for school dropouts, youth violence, and kids becoming desensitized to emotions is all due to video games.

The goal of Mrs. Video Game is to help families find those video games that are beautiful, fun, entertaining, educational and that ultimately bring families closer together.

Our friend Andy Robertson, from FamilyGamerTV, has been reviewing games and providing his take on many of these games.  One of his most recent reviews is the game Tengami.  This is a beautifully designed game that is a perfect blend of video game and story book.  When my kids were younger I didn't want them to play video games right before they went to bed because I wanted them to get to sleep in a more restful way with only good thoughts running through their heads.  SIDENOTE: Research has shown that playing games right before bed is ok actually so this just demonstrates how you have to use your own judgement when it comes to your own kids.  Tengami is a game I would let them play right before bed or any time during the day.  It does not have the typical look or feel of video game.  It illustrates the beauty of Japanese paper folding.  Andy plays the game and provides his impressions as he plays along.  This is a longer video but helpful if you are not familiar with how these games are played because it gives you a sense about how to move the game play forward.

This game will be available for the iPad from the iStore for $4.99.  The thing that is great about that price point is that the game is truly worth every cent.  It is a visually beautiful game and very peaceful and serene.  By supporting the game at this nominal fee you can be ensured that there are no ingame purchase concerns or ads that pop up to support the game.  I am happy to pay $5 and support a game developer who creates something that the entire family can enjoy and that is not bogged down by ads or inapp purchase requirements.

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