Sunday, June 16, 2013

Game Sharing on the PS4 and other news from E3

One of the things we hear from parents over and over again is that game systems are too confusing and they can hardly keep up with all the new games.  Basically, they feel overwhelmed.  Here at Mrs. Video Game we are not going to take it for granted that you may be as big a gamer as your kid.  If you're not a big gamer that's ok.  We're glad you're here and that you want to know what's going on with your kids' games.

June is the month when gamers get together in Los Angeles at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and celebrate the best in gaming and all the new things coming out this next holiday season.

We have some amazing videos to share with you from our roving reporter, Andy Robertson @FamilyGamerTV.  Actually, he isn't OUR roving reporter but we often share enthusiasm for the same games and we are on the Family Video Game Expert panel together.  

The big story at E3 this year (at least for the gamers here at Mrs. Video Game) was the announcement of the PS4.  Both Microsoft (maker of the Xbox) and Sony (Playstation or PS) had big presentations at the conference talking about their new consoles.  This video was voted as the best video from E3 from our video game experts here at Mrs. Video Game.

Being able to play old games on a new console and even go over to a friends house with your game and play that game on their console is a pretty big deal around here.  We have had an Xbox here since they first came out in 2001.  We were slower to come to the Playstation system but the graphics on Gran Turismo won us over.  

Here is a good article about the Winners and Losers at E3

So don't be intimidated by the jargon (PS4 v Xbox One at E3 for example).  The great thing about asking your kids about video games is that it is usually a topic of conversation that they are happy to talk about.