Monday, May 27, 2013

Father Daughter time

There is research out that shows that a strong father/daughter relationship is SUPER beneficial for girls to grow up to be strong, confident, women.  I have always seen video games as a way for dads and daughters to spend time together and to make those connections even if (and especially if) other conversations are challenging for the both of them.

Here is a review of "The Last of Us" from our friend Andy Robertson at Family Gamer TV.
This is a Mature game and so it is important to check out the reviews before making any purchase decisions.

“The Last of Us may appear to hold little interest for family gamers, however those family members old enough to play it there is plenty to interest them beyond the guns and clubs and fungal infections. What starts as a typical adventure in a post apocalyptic world promises to turn into a tale about a father-daughter relationship and how we see ourselves as people.”

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