Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Girls do play Video Games

Girls do actually play video games.  We are just catching up with that fact.  In the beginning it didn't matter if you were a boy or a girl.  Anyone could play Pong, flight simulator, or even PacMan (although this may have been the beginning to the downward spiral of male sexism in video games).

At the time, girls who were interested in getting into video game design were encouraged to go into graphic design studies and the programming of games was left up to the boys.  As a result many video games had fantastic male heroes and babe-o-licious princesses and other female stereotypes.

But we are past that now and girls are not only into gaming but they are also into game design.

Soraya Chemaly looks at this topic in her article titled: Great Hacker Dads Make Female Video Game Heroes

In her article she says "Most video games, like movies and other popular media, either entirely ignore female protagonists or marginalize, sexualize and objectify them. Boys and girls learn that as they grow older, females are invisible, distressed or simply accessories."


Great article with interesting resources.  Please read and then let us know what you think on the MrsVideoGame Facebook page.

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