Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Skylanders Chess

FGTV Episode presents a new Skylanders game invented by children. Skylanders Chess is not only a novel use for the toy figures but it also finds a new use for the Giants and Spyro’s Adventure portal that will soon be redundant when Swap Force is released.

Here’s the video footage of the game, and how it works complete with a rule-set:

Two sides are setup on the dark squares of a checkers board, each player picks two elements to use as their Chess pieces. Each side needs at least seven pieces although this can be supplemented if necessary.

The following pieces have special abilities, otherwise the game proceeds like Checkers:

  • Flight: Winged figures like Spyro can move two squares in a straight line. 
  • Giants: Can move two squares in and turn corners. 
  • Shoot: Figures with guns like Trigger Happy can eliminate another piece (in line of site) rather than moving. 
  • Bomb: Area effect characters like Eruptor can eliminate all piece around them in a two square radius. 
  • Light-Core: When they are illuminated they are safe for two rounds.

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