Monday, January 21, 2013

Does Disney Infinity Stack Up?

by: Andy Robertson 

You probably know that my kids really love Skylanders Giants it’s simply put a great family game – both the game-play and the figures. Disney Infinity, a new game that’s just been announced, takes that idea and adds Disney characters. These figures work in a similar way to Skylanders. You put them on the Infinity Base (what they call the Portal of Power) and they instantly appear in the game.

Disney Infinity also comes packed with a play-set token. Put this on the Base and it takes you and your characters into a Disney-style adventure mode. The starter pack comes with the game, the Infinity Base, 3 figures and a play-set piece for the following three adventures:




Each of these offers around six hours of family gameplay. What makes it ideal though is that it has split-screen co-op play. Unlike Skylanders where you have to go the same direction, here you can take your time and progress different ways – much more open world. Not only that but it supports online play for 4 players as well. After the launch event I caught up with CEO of Avalanche Studios and asked him how it would come to retail. It was interesting to hear how integrated the game was into the Pixar/Disney animation and character studios with developers and artists collaborating to make it possible.

Although, with all the figures to collect and the various electronic tokens that unlock upgrades, it isn’t cheap, parents should remember that you can complete the three adventures provided with just the characters of the Starter Pack.

Like Skylanders, families should pick and choose just those characters they really want before spending their hard earned money. Disney Infinity launches June 28th 2013.

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