Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday November 6 is not all about Politics

For some people November 6th is the highly anticipated election process for the US President as well as other state and local candidates and issues.

But then there are those of us who went out and voted early so that our Tuesday could be entire devoted to Video Games.

I'll be testing out a new cooking game for girls which I'll give you an update on after I return from the test kitchen.

But for my oldest boys Tuesday November 6th is all about the HALO 4 release.

For weeks we have watched the YouTube movie trailers that have come out in short segments on a weekly basis.  The guys have brushed up on our Halo play and strategies, saved up to get the game at the midnight release, and passed the time playing League of Legends.

Halo 4, like the other Halo games, is rated M by the ESRB.  It is a violent game.  It is also an amazinggame with a fantastic story line and well developed characters.  It is one of the first video games where I have even been mildly interested in reading the fictional book series that go along with the game.

As a parent my concern with Halo is that they have capitolized on the fans desire for more Halo "stuff".  There are Halo action figures, Lego sets, t-shirts, costumes, and much more.  I have no problem with the creator of the series selling these items but the concern is that many parents may think that because there are Lego Halo men then that must mean that this video game is ok for all ages.

As the gamers, my boys hate it when kids who are too young to be playing get online and ruin the fun of the game for them.

PARENTS: If you are going to let your kid play Halo then at least play it with them so you know what they are playing and if you are ok with that. Just know that there are 20 year olds (and older) out there who have been waiting a long time to play this game and when they do get online for this multiplayer game they may not hold back on their enthusiasm or verbage.

One great way to know what games your kids are interested in is to download the Free App from theESRB. You can type in the name of a game or even just speak the name of the game and you will get all kinds of information about what kind of content you can expect.

Have a Fantastic Tuesday! Remember to vote and then go check out your local video game store for your copy of Halo 4.

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