Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Social Gamer

By Heather Melburg

I am a reader. I am a thinker. I am a mommy. I play games on my social networking
site. I don’t believe those are mutually exclusive things. I enjoy the games as a brief respite from my mommy duties. They allow me an escape into a fantasy that recharges me. For ten minutes here and ten minutes there, I am willing to suspend my disbelief and enter an imagined space – even “meet” other people. I owe them nothing and they the same. Yet we join together to conquer an obstacle.

I admit I’m pretty cheap. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t allow for many frivolous
extras and the online games are a fun way to get some inexpensive entertainment. I’ve observed that one can advance much further in many games much quicker if one spends money to buy “game cash”; and I just can’t do that. I’m content to play and play and play, and advance at my own rate.

My tastes run the gamut from very socially-reliant games such as Ravenwood Fair,
Cityville, Farmville to one on one types like Scramble or Puzzle Saga. I love hidden object games – jus can’t get enough of them! I get quite attached and always seem to ick free games that go away – a real bummer!!!!

A very interesting phenomenon that has developed is that I am now “friends” with
several folks from around the world as a result of my gaming habits. Chances are slim that we’d ever meet in “real life”, but I do feel a fondness for the folks I keep running into time and again. A side perk for my (very) social nature!!!!!! I feel so much more connected to something beyond my home. That can be a big deal to a mommy who adores and stays home with her 2 year old, yet needs some sort of other stimulus.

So, look for me in the world of Facebook games! I’ll happily be your “friend”.

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